Instructor Development

This is a subject that I have been concerned with ever since I started training instructors when that was a rare and rather short weekend affair. Eventually switching to an alternative training agency to provide better training brought me under fire by many and in some cases, there are still those who have denied me any substantive appreciation for subsequent improvements to the same topic.

What I am attaching may give some idea of those contributions to change. This includes the relatively minor changes that may be attributed to the provision (in Australia at least) of courses in Recreational Full Face Mask diving and Self-Rescue diving (a specialty that PADI mutated into their Self-Reliant diver specialty after seeing its success - and also very shortly after my production). This latter is due to provocation by Technical Divers International (TDI) to whom I have great respect and recommendation for their programmes in this area.

Locally, in Australia, COP2018 by way of an induction programme for newly employed recreational there have also been contributions to changes to the Recreational Diving, Recreational Technical Diving and Snorkelling Code of Practice 2018: RecDiving Rec Tech Diving Snorkelling Cop 2018

This is a chapter I wrote in the following book: Midgley, W., Tyler, M.A., Danaher, P.A. and Mander, A. eds., 2012. Beyond binaries in education research (Vol. 59). Routledge. 16 Formal, Informal, and Incidental Learning: How Recreational-Diving Instructors Achieve Competency.

And to an "Induction programme for newly employed recreational diving instructors to provide introductory diving.

PhD Thesis

The reader of this thesis should read it reflecting on PADI’s subsequent change to their IDC programme. At least read the last sentence of page 1!
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